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Drug Detox in Dayton, Ohio

Drug detox is a reasonably uncomplicated process, but it is often complicated if the appropriate detoxification selection in Dayton is overlooked instead of something which appears easier or more effortless. For example, there are several drug and alcohol detoxification alternatives in Dayton, Ohio involving drugs to detox opiate addicted individuals. These centers sometimes take it one step further, and the client not only detoxes from opiates using drugs but enrolls in a maintenance program where they are kept on prescription narcotics indefinitely to curb opiate withdrawal. This is simply not an answer, merely a band aid, and the client now has to fund necessary during alcohol withdrawal to prevent life threatening withdrawal symptoms, but this is typically the only time prescription medication is needed during detox. Most varieties of drug detox in Dayton, OH. can be gotten through quickly without medication or another intervention, besides detox specialists ensuring that the client is within a therapeutic and secure setting and is also getting appropriate relaxation, diet, vitamins as well as other vitamin supplements.

There are also drug detox and drug treatment facilities in Dayton which can offer natural detoxification solutions, including sweat centers to help sweat out residual drugs and toxins in the body so that they no longer effect the individual down the road. After drug detox in Dayton, Ohio, people must always continue in rehabilitation to enable them to get the continuum of care required to avoid alcohol and drugs for good.

  • Project CURE
    1800 North James H McGee Boulevard Dayton, OH. 45427
    (937) 262-3500

    Project CURE provides these treatment services: Substance Abuse Treatment, Drug Detox, Methadone Detox, Halfway House, Outpatient Drug Rehab, Short-Term Drug Rehab, Long-Term Drug Rehab, Pregnant/Postpartum Women

    Payment Types: Self Pay, Medicaid, Private Insurance